Program Requirements

The French and Francophone Studies Graduate Program is essentially a Ph.D. program and admits only applicants whose objective is a Ph.D. Applicants are eligible to apply for the Ph.D. program if they hold a bachelor’s degree, an M.A. degree is not necessary.

First and Second Year Requirements
  • At least 12 other courses in the department, with at least five before and at least five after 1800 (neither the teaching practicum nor language courses can count towards these; students are advised to take three substantive courses per quarter if they do not teach)
  • Satisfactory completion of the Required Reading Lists as determined by the Second Year Review Committee
  • Two satisfactory progress reviews for continuing the Ph.D. program, at the end of the third and sixth quarters
  • Timely progress toward fulfilling the Language/Interdisciplinary Requirement
Third and Fourth Year Requirements (C. Phil.)
Fifth and Sixth Year Requirements (Ph.D.)

The degree of Ph.D. is awarded upon the successful completion and filing of the doctoral dissertation in the fifth or sixth year of study. Requirements for the Ph.D. degree also include one year or more of teaching experience and completion of the Teaching apprentice practicum, which are normally undertaken during the first four years.

Students should be aware that all general regulations for graduate study at UCLA, as well as those specifically for the Department of French and Francophone Studies, are set forth in the UCLA General Catalog and in the Program Requirements for UCLA Graduate Degrees in the Department of French and Francophone Studies.

This overview of our Ph.D. program is intended to introduce and summarize the program’s structures and degree requirements. More personalized programs of study may be designed by students with special interests and needs, particularly if the latter involve departments or programs outside of French. It is therefore imperative that students consult early and regularly with the Director of Graduate Studies.