Dear Alumni and Friends,

Welcome, or welcome back, to our Department! If you have visited our home page, you will have seen from our numerous activities that we remain an active center of French Studies in the United States. The French language also remains as crucial in today’s globalized world: spoken on every continent, connecting numerous and varied cultures, carrying a proverbial “savoir vivre” in its literary heritage.

In many ways, our faculty reflect this diversity: from literary scholars to authors of fiction, from poets to social historians, from Africa to Canada, Switzerland, or Mauritius, and from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic, we are members of a community who take pride in teaching French and Francophone cultures and literatures. Our faculty are winning international literary awards (prix Femina, prix Renaudot) and earning major grants (Mellon, Guggenheim and Fulbright fellowships). Our graduate students, while preparing for a successful professional career, are participating in conferences worldwide, busy organizing their own and editing a literary journal. Our undergraduate students are acquiring the tools to become global citizens in today’s world, while pursuing interests in areas as varied as the humanities, law, diplomacy, teaching, international business, or medicine.

In addition to our regular lecture series and the variety of special colloquia we sponsor on topics of current interest, our department also organizes a literary festival very other year called Vis-à-Vis, which brings together Francophone and American writers for fruitful exchanges. We would love to see you at our departmental events and would welcome your feedback on twitter, Facebook, or by e-mail. Please update your email contact information using the French update link so that we can keep you posted about what is happening in the Department.

Your participation and support means a lot to UCLA and to the department, and we are very grateful to you.

I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at our events!

Dominic Thomas
Chair of French & Francophone Studies

UCLA Department of French and Francophone Studies