Current Graduate Students

Students planning to pursue a career should establish a dossier at the Placement and Career Planning Center, where advisers are available for consultation (PCPC Building, 825-2981). In addition, the Department organizes meetings to discuss all aspects of the job search in academia, including preparing the curriculum vitae, MLA interviews, and on-campus interviews. Practice interviews are also organized as part of the Department's overall effort to assist its students in their career planning.

MLA Job Information List

Students may utilize the MLA Job Information List, available here: Contact the department’s Student Affairs Officer for login information.

Recent Ph.D.’s Placement

Students who hold the UCLA Ph.D. degree in French and Francophone Studies have been successful in finding attractive positions in recent years at institutions such as Boston University, Brigham Young University, University of Connecticut, Florida-Atlantic University, University of Notre-Dame, Occidental College, Purdue University, Saint Mary's College, Tulane University, University of Southern California, University of Texas-Austin, and Whitworth College. A list of former graduate students, with information on their current positions, can be found on Recent Ph.D's page.