On Campus Resources 

At UCLA, French language students have access to the latest technology in language laboratories and audio-visual facilities. The Instructional Media Laboratory (270 Powell Library, 206-1211) offers video and CD- ROM resources. Individual booths are available for students to watch video and laser disc recordings. The Foreign Language Laboratory (270 Powell Library, 206-1211) has audio resources for language instruction regularly used by the Department to support its teaching. The Instructional Media Library (46 Powell Library, 825-0755) and the Department of French and Francophone Studies have acquired a number of video programs for use in language and conversation classes. Interactive computer systems are also available for individualized supplemental instruction.

Multi-media and computer-equipped labs are administered by the Humanities Computing Facility (206-1414). There are terminals in the Department which can access library catalogs and French textual databases. Please see the UCLA Library Guide to French Studies here: http://guides.library.ucla.edu/c.php?g=180228

Students may also access several libraries and research centers, please see the below links for more information.

Other resources

Here is a collection of links to other French and Francophone related resources and media

Recherche – Enseignement


Journaux Et Magazines

Radios & Televisions Francophones

Critique Littéraire

Culture Tous Azimuths

  • Le Hall de la Chanson: 20 ans de chansons actuelles