About Us

The Department of French and Francophone Studies at UCLA is a major center for the study of the French language and of literatures, cultures, and civilizations of French expression throughout the world. French has for centuries been a major language of international culture, and the French literary and artistic tradition is of great historical significance. In recent decades, French critical thought has occupied a highly influential position in the theoretical discourse of the humanities and social sciences. The instructional programs of the department offer students the opportunity to achieve a well-rounded education and to pursue advanced research in a...

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Student Testimonials

  • Matthew Nguyen

    I signed up for my first French class because of my admiration for Francophone culture, and looking back, it was one of the best decisions I made at UCLA. The French department is filled with teaching assistants who are committed to teaching language. They present the language in a multitude... Read more

Graduate Conferences

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Since 1996, Graduate Students in the Department have organized an Annual Graduate Student Interdisciplinary Conference with the participation of professors and graduate students from universities across the country. French and Francophone Studies Graduate Students have the opportunity to participate in the organization of this annual event.

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Le Cercle Francophone

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The UCLA French Club or “Cercle Francophone” meets regularly throughout the academic year. It offers a setting for informal interaction as well as providing a regular tutoring service for students seeking help on grammar and composition. Guest lecturers address topics of specific or general interest, and students organize activities such as lectures, film screenings, theatrical readings, job information sessions, business visits, and parties.

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Featured Courses

  • French 60. French and Francophone Novel

    Instructor: Dominic Thomas

    Study of literary masterpieces produced by writers from France and Francophone world (Canada, Africa, Caribbean, etc.) from 17th to early 21st century

  • French 41. French Cinema and Culture

    Instructor: Lia Brozgal

    Introduction to French culture and literature through study of films of cultural and literary significance. P/NP or letter grading.

  • French 160. Francophone Cultures in English

    Instructor: Dominic Thomas

    Study of historical, anthropological, legal, literary, or filmic texts to provide students with broad view of some main issues in field of colonial an