Courses Offered Next Quarter

The UCLA Department of French & Francophone Studies offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses in English and French. For a list of French courses offered in Spring Quarter 2021, please view the UCLA Schedule of Classes.

For a complete listing and description of department courses visit the UCLA General Catalog.

French Courses for Non-Majors

Interested students with adequate language background who do not major in French will find, in the undergraduate program of the Department of French, a spectrum of courses to suit individual interests or program requirements. Thus, each year a large number of students elect to enroll in those courses which are designed to refine linguistic skills: conversation, diction, phonetics, composition, or translation. Other students choose to develop their personal interest in French culture and literature by taking upper-division courses in linguistics, culture/civilization, surveys of literature, or more focused seminars. Students with no background in the French language may wish to enroll in Lower Division courses carrying General Education credits, such as French 14 (Introduction to French Civilization); French 41 (French Cinema), or French 16 (Society and Self) or in offerings from the Upper Division series “Courses in Translation.” A number of additional Lower and advanced Upper Division courses are also offered in English with the assigned readings in English translation. They are followed by the letter E in the Catalog.