Graduate Courses for 2019-2020

European Languages and Transcultural Studies
Graduate Course Offerings in 2019-2020

Fall 2019

Roberta Morosini
Italian 298: Narrating the Mediterranean. Geo-critical approaches to Itineraries, Spaces and Crossings of the Italian Trecento (ENG)
Thursdays -2-4.50pm

Lucia Re
Italian 221: Arte povera: Poverty in Modern Italian Art and Literature (ITA)
Wednesdays 2-4.50pm

Malina Stefanovska
French 207: On Suffering: Medical Discourse in Early Modern French Culture (ENG)
Tuesdays 2-4.50pm

Dominic Thomas
French 202: Global Francophone African Literatures (ENG)
Mondays 2-4.50pm

Yasemin Yildiz
Germanic 261: Memory and Migration (ENG)
Wednesday 2-4.50pm

Winter 2020

Massimo Ciavolella
Italian 216S: Renaissance Theatre (IT)

Alain Mabanckou
French 208: La Francophonie: History, Literature and Politics (FRE)

John McCumber
German 265: German Philosophy. Heidegger and Derrida: Fascism, Destruktion,
and the Collapse of World (ENG)

Zrinka Stahuljak
French 215: Gifts and Gift-Giving: Studies in the Middle Ages (ENG)

Spring 2020

Lia Brozgal
French 205: Studies in Literature and Cinema (ENG)

Cécile Guédon
French 220: Poetry in Flux—Dance Afoot: 20th century English, French, German
and Italian poetry” (ENG)

Tom Harrison
Italian 260: Cinema: Comedy Italian Style (ENG)

Andrea Moudarres
Italian 214: Dante: La Divina Commedia (ENG)

Kalani Michell
Germanic: Comparative Digital Media Studies (ENG)