Program Overview

The Department of French and Francophone Studies offers a Ph.D. program that emphasizes original scholarly research in a selected field, combined with a solid general knowledge of French and Francophone literature and culture. The department’s requirements are flexible and are suited to highly motivated students who want to chart their own path of intellectual development, while acquiring a solid grounding in their specialization through work with a broad range of faculty in our department as well as in other related departments or programs such as African Studies, Women’s Studies, Diaspora Studies, Comparative Literature, History, Linguistics, Philosophy, and Art History.

The Department admits candidates for the Ph.D. only. Students may be awarded an M.A. degree if they decide to leave the Ph.D. program and if they complete all the requirements for the M.A. degree (see Review Requirements).

Admission to the program is by application to the Graduate Admissions Office (1247 Murphy Hall, 825-1711). Students should be aware that all general regulations for graduate study at UCLA are set forth in the UCLA General Catalog and in the Program Requirements for Graduate Degrees at UCLA. The overview provided here is intended to present  the program’s structure and degree requirements. More personalized programs of study may be designed by students with special interests and needs, particularly if the latter involve other departments or programs. It is therefore imperative that students consult early and regularly with the Director of Graduate Studies.