Language / Interdisciplinary Requirement

Interdisciplinary is integral to a contemporary conception of scholarship and criticism. Doctoral candidates are expected to acquire proficiency in two additional disciplines pertinent to their dissertation research. Fulfillment of the additional proficiency will be discussed beforehand with the Director of Graduate Studies.

  1. The first discipline is a foreign language other than French in which the student achieves a high degree of proficiency, as demonstrated by obtaining a B or better grade in at least two upper division or graduate courses in another language department, reading texts in the original language. These two courses must be taken for a letter grade.
  2. The second discipline requirement may be satisfied in either of two ways:

a) By taking three courses in another department in an intellectual discipline pertinent to the dissertation project, of which at least two must be graduate courses and one may be an upper-division undergraduate course. These two courses do not necessarily have to be taken within one department or program.

b) By a second foreign language, in which the candidate demonstrates reading proficiency by taking reading or placement exams where these are available, by passing language courses (level 3), or graduate reading courses offered by some departments (level 2G). Students fulfilling the second discipline requirement by studying a language are still required to take two graduate courses outside the department.

Students must complete the language/interdisciplinary requirements before nominating a doctoral committee and taking the oral qualifying examination.