Review Requirements

The Review procedures for granting continuation in the Ph.D. program are as follows:

The Third Quarter Review

Before the end of the third quarter, each student is evaluated by the faculty, both in the department and in other departments, with whom he or she has taken classes. This first review is based on academic performance and other evidence of professional promise, and it is meant to be advisory in nature. After being provided with a departmental evaluation letter, the student discusses with the Director of Graduate Studies any suggestions formulated by the faculty.

The Sixth Quarter Review

The second review is conducted in the student’s sixth quarter of studies by a departmental review committee, which is appointed each year by the Chair and consists of four departmental faculty members, including the DGS ex officio. The review is based on four components: (1) Three term paper, (2) One expanded term paper, (3) A self-statement, and (4) An oral review.

  1. Three term papers written for courses taken during the previous five quarters and their respective evaluations. At least two out of the three papers must be written in French and no more than one paper from a course outside the department may be submitted.
  2. An expanded version of one of the term papers submitted under category I. The student must select this paper by, at the latest, the end of the fifth quarter, and write an expanded version in consultation with a departmental faculty member of his/her choice, usually (though not necessarily) the person for whose course the paper was written. A two-unit individual preparation course (FR-597) will normally be taken with the faculty member supervising the rewriting. The paper must be written in French, be 20-25 pages in length, include additional research, and be approved for submission by the consulting faculty member.
  3. A two-page, single-spaced self-statement outlining the student’s progress and direction of future study. The self-statement will cover the student’s evaluation of his/her academic development, addressing such topics as: (re)focusing of perspectives or interests; future goals; how the papers submitted reflect these goals; reflections on teaching and involvement in departmental activities; French language progress; strong and weak points, and how the latter are being addressed. Students must provide the DGS with the items detailed above in I, II, and III two weeks prior to the oral part of the review.
  4. The oral part of the review is conducted by the departmental review committee. This one-hour review tests the student’s general literary coverage and is based on a reading list consisting of 5 works per period/area (a total of 35 works from the Middle Ages to Francophonie, effective Fall 2003). Works selected for the second-year review are indicated on the department’s comprehensive reading lists and are available on the department’s website and in the main office. Prior to the oral part of the review each student will receive two questions from the review committee based on works selected from the reading list and will have one week to prepare them for presentation before the review committee. 10 minutes will be devoted to each question followed by a 25 minute general discussion that could include follow-up questions about the students’ presentation, questions about other texts on the reading list and/or about the extended paper submitted under II.

Following deliberation, the committee meets with each student to assess what has been achieved and will subsequently provide him/her with a departmental review letter. Students who have obtained a satisfactory review will be invited to continue in the Ph.D. program in French and Francophone Studies.

Students who decide not to pursue doctoral research and writing immediately are responsible for contacting the graduate adviser to make arrangements for the M.A. degree as early as possible, but no later than the third week of the sixth quarter. Students not continuing to the Ph.D. will receive the M.A. degree if they have passed the sixth quarter review and have satisfactorily completed the 12-course, first foreign language, grade, and residency requirements.