Review Requirements

The Review procedures for granting continuation in the Ph.D. program are as follows:

The Third Quarter Review

Students are evaluated by the faculty before the end of the third quarter. The DGS will also solicit input from faculty in other departments with whom our students have taken courses. This first review evaluates academic performance and other evidence of professional promise, and it is meant to be advisory in nature. After being provided with a departmental evaluation letter, the student has the opportunity to meet with the DGS to discuss the content of the letter.

The Sixth Quarter Review

The second review is conducted during the student’s sixth quarter of study by a departmental review committee. This committee is appointed each year by the Chair and consists of three to four departmental faculty members, including the DGS ex officio, and endeavors to reflect as broadly as possible the department’s faculty expertize. The review is based on two components:

1. An expanded term paper. The student must select this paper by the end of the fifth quarter and write an expanded version in consultation with a departmental faculty member of her/his choice. The student should enroll for this purpose in a two-unit individual preparation course (FR597), usually (though not necessarily) with the faculty member for whose course the paper was initially written. The paper must be 20-25 pages in length, written in French, include additional research, and be approved for submission by the consulting faculty member. This must be submitted to the DGS by week 8 of the Spring quarter.

2. The oral review is conducted by the departmental review committee. This one-hour review is designed to gauge the student’s general literary knowledge and is based on a reading list of works from the Middle Ages to the contemporary period selected by the faculty. This list is available on the department’s website and in person from the Student Affairs Officer (SAO). The intellectual orientation of the oral review is guided by problematics/thematics/questions developed by the student in consultation with the DGS, and takes the form of a one page single-spaced abstract written in French to be submitted to the DGS no later than the Friday of week 2 of the Winter quarter of the second year.

During a departmental meeting scheduled within two weeks of the oral review, the departmental review committee is given the opportunity to discuss the performance of individual students with the faculty as a whole. This is also the occasion on which the faculty share their views on each student’s overall progress in the program and preparedness for further advanced study. Following deliberation, the DGS meets with students individually and presents them with an oral evaluation of their progress, and subsequently with an official departmental review letter. Students who have obtained a satisfactory review will be invited to continue in the Ph.D. program in French and Francophone Studies.

Students who elect not to continue with advanced doctoral research at this juncture are responsible for contacting the DGS and SAO in order to petition for the M.A. degree. This should be done as early as possible after completion of the oral review. Eligibility for the M.A. degree is contingent on having satisfactorily completed the sixth quarter review, a minimum of thirteen (13) graduate courses with a grade of B or above, and the first foreign language requirement.