L’Indécis au Précis

L’Indécis au Précis (IP) is an annual, peer-reviewed journal that publishes undergraduate on French and francophone cultural topics in the humanities and social sciences. Founded in 2018 by Andrea Arredondo, Nathaniel Bench, and Madeleine Britt, IP is among a handful of student-run, open-access undergraduate journals across the University of California system, and prides itself in serving as a platform for original student scholarship and interdisciplinary dialogue.

IP offers students a space for contributing to the larger scholarly communities surrounding their academic pursuits. With an international appeal, the journal aims to showcase the full breadth of intellectual diversity brought to the fore by student research on the varied histories of the francophone world.

L’Indécis au Précis (IP) welcomes submissions addressing any topic on the cultural, intellectual, or social histories of the francophone world. Broadly, studies may respond to artistic, political, or theoretical developments within the French-speaking world during any historical moment. Our scope is deliberately flexible in order to sustain an interdisciplinary dialogue, promote exchange between student scholars, and share the benefits of diverse undergraduate research. IP accepts papers that employ a syncretic approach and those that are discipline-specific. We encourage authors to offer fresh perspectives on ill-defined phenomena and to recontextualize issues thought to be long-settled, thereby deconstructing the boundaries between the indeterminate (l’Indécis) and the determinate (le Précis).

Submissions may be based in, but are not limited to, the following disciplines: language studies, cultural studies, art history, history, literature, philosophy, classics, anthropology, religious studies, linguistics, musicology, communication studies, gender studies, and others.


Professional Affiliates

The journal’s upkeep is made possible with the support of UCLA’s Department of French & Francophone Studies.