French-American Chamber of Commerce Exchange Program

The French-American Chamber of Commerce International Career Development Program is a dedicated team of bilingual professionals committed to furthering mutual understanding through international cultural exchange experiences. Our team knows firsthand the value of cultural exchange, and we are passionate about providing positive exchange experiences and professional development opportunities to others.

American Trainees in France: In the spirit of reciprocity and international understanding, the FACC training program for Americans in France brings together qualified young Americans aspiring to work in France, and companies interested in hosting them for up to 18 months.

Since 1992, ICDP has partnered with French government agencies in order to administer this transatlantic exchange program, and to assist our candidates in obtaining the visa and work authorization they need as quickly as possible. Through our partnership with the French Government agency Office des Migrations Internationales, the FACC’s International Career Development Programs sponsor training visas for American students and recent graduates to work in France.


Exchange Visitor Program 
French American Chamber of Commerce 
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