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The Department of French and Francophone Studies at UCLA is a major center for the study of the French language and the diversity of French and Francophone cultures throughout the world. French has been a major language of international culture, and French and Francophone literary and artistic traditions are of great historical significance. In recent decades, French and Francophone critical thought has occupied a highly influential position in the theoretical discourse of the humanities and social sciences and we emphasize the global aspects of these traditions, and encourage our students to discover a long, rich, and varied heritage. In our courses, we stress both the importance of the French language, wherever it is spoken, and the richness of French and Francophone literary traditions from the Middle Ages to the present, from France to Canada, the Caribbean, Africa and beyond. To the linguistic and historical view of the discipline, we add expertise in French cinema and cultural studies. The instructional programs of the Department offer students the opportunity to achieve a well-rounded education and to pursue advanced research in a challenging intellectual environment with superior research facilities.

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