Recent Ph.D.s

Students who hold the UCLA Ph.D. in French and Francophone Studies have been successful in finding attractive positions in recent years at institutions such as Boston University, Brigham Young University, University of Connecticut, Florida-Atlantic University, University of Notre-Dame, Occidental College, Purdue University, Saint Mary’s College, Tulane University, University of Southern California, University of Texas-Austin, and Whitworth College.

A list of former graduate students, with information on their current positions, can be found below.

  • Adelaide Kuehn

    Development & Communications Associate California Alliance for Arts Education Los Angeles, CA
    (2017, Dominic Thomas, Chair)

    Authorship, Audience, and Authenticity: Strategies of Meta-Representation in Contemporary African Arts

  • Catherine Mullen

    Communications Officer McGill University Montreal, Canada
    (2016, Sara Melzer, Chair)

    "Taking Back the Streets": The Return of the Pedestrian to Parisian Urban Space

  • Anneka Haddix

    Lecturer University of California, Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA
    (2016, Lia Brozgal, Chair)

    Crises of Postmemory: Deferred Postmemory in Second-Generation Novels After the Algerian War

  • Anne Mueller

    French Teacher Foxcroft School Middleburg, VA
    (2016, Dominic Thomas, Chair)

    Memorializing the Genocide of the Tutsi Through Literature, Song and Performance

  • Lauren van Arsdall

    World Languages Faculty Flintridge Prep Los Angeles, CA
    (2015, Malina Stefanovska, Chair)

    Between Erasure and Exposure: Intermedial Autobiography Since Roland Barthes

  • Hadley Suter

    Lecturer Barnard College, Columbia University New York, NY
    (2015, Laure Murat)

    Stendhal's Theater of Authenticity: The Performance of Le Naturel in the Para-Fictional Works of Marie-Henri Beyle

  • Brian Quinn

    Assistant Professor University of Colorado, Boulder Boulder, CO
    (2015, Dominic Thomas, Chair)

    Stagecraft: Pedagogy, Culture and Performance in Senegalese Theater

  • Sandra Gamson

    Lecturer Mount Saint Mary's University Los Angeles, CA
    (2014, Malina Stefanovska, Chair)

    The Uses of Incongruities in Diderot's Works: From the Salons to Le Rêve de D’Alembert

  • Ruth Jones

    Co-Editor in Chief The Site Magazine Toronto, Canada
    (2014, Patrick Coleman, Chair)

    Literature, Representation, and the Imagine of the Francophone City: Casablanca, Montreal, Marseille

  • Hannah Vaughan

    Lecturer University of Southern California Los Angeles, CA
    (2014, Patrick Coleman, Chair)

    Reimagining the Family in French and Quebecois Cinema

  • Michelle Bumatay

    Assistant Professor Beloit College Beloit, WI
    (2013, Dominic Thomas, Chair)

    African Francophone Bandes Dessinées: Graphic Autobiographies and Illustrated Testimonies

  • Christopher Flood

    Assistant Professor Brigham Young University Provo, UT
    (2013, Jean-Claude Carron, Chair)

    The Body Satyrical: Satire and the Corpus Mysticum During Crises of Fragmentation in Late Medieval and Early Modern France

  • Katelyn Knox

    Assistant Professor University of Central Arkansas Conway, AR
    (2013, Dominic Thomas, Chair)

    Display on Display: Migrating Identities in Contemporary Francophone Literature and Music

  • Denis Pra

    Assistant Professor Los Angeles Pierce College Los Angeles, CA
    (2013, Eric Gans, Chair)

    L'adaptation selon Luis Buñuel: la littérature source d'imagination et de création

  • Mina Soroosh

    Visiting Assistant Professor Pepperdine University Malibu, CA
    (2012, Jean-Claude Carron and Malina Stefanovska, Co-Chairs)

    Turning Inwards: A Reassessment of Pierre Charron's De la Sagesse (1601)

  • Nathalie Segeral

    Assistant Professor University of Hawai'i, Manoa Honolulu, HI
    (2012, Laure Murat, Chair)

    Reclaimed Experience: Gendering Trauma in Slavery, Holocaust, and Madness Narratives

  • Alisa Belanger

    Assistant Professor Rutgers School of Arts and Sciences New Brunswick, NJ
    (2011, Patrick Coleman, Chair)

    Works With No Margins: Francophone Book Art in the Postcolonial Era

  • Evelyne Fodor

    Online Language Instructor UCLA Extension Los Angeles, CA
    (2011, Laure Murat, Chair)

    Réalité et imaginaire des passages chez Balzac, Zola, Aragon, et Céline

  • Trevor Merrill

    Lecturer California Institute of Technology Pasadena, CA
    (2011, Eric Gans, Chair)

    The Labyrinth of Values: Mimetic Desire in the Novels of Milan Kundera

  • Luis Navarro-Ayala

    Assistant Professor St. Norbert College De Pere, WI
    (2011, Françoise Lionnet, Chair)

    Queering Transcultural Encounters in Latin American and Francophone Contexts: Space, Identity, and Frenchness

  • Julin Everett

    Assistant Professor Ursinus College Collegeville, PA
    (2010, Françoise Lionnet and Dominic Thomas, Co-Chairs)

    The Homoerotics of Empire: Blanc-Noir Desire and Domination in Colonial and Postcolonial Francophone Literature

  • Leslie Barnes

    Lecturer Australian National University Canberra, Australia
    (2010, Françoise Lionnet and Dominic Thomas, Co-Chairs)

    Vietnam and the Colonial Condition of French Literature: André Malraux, Marguerite Duras, Linda Le

  • Natalie Munoz

    Assistant Professor Cal State Fresno Fresno, CA
    (2008, Eric Gans, Chair)

    Disabusing Women in the Old French Fabliaux

  • Sylvie Young

    Foreign Service Officer U.S. Department of State Washington D.C.
    (2008, Andrea Loselle, Chair)

    Les scandaleuses rêveries du célibataire fin de siècle : La représentation textuelle des mécanismes auto-érotiques dans À Rebours, de Joris-Karl Huymans, L’Eve Future de Villiers de L’Isle Adam et Sixtine Roman de La Vie Cérébrale de Remy de Gourmont

  • Karen Lindo

    Freelance Researcher Denmark
    (2007, Françoise Lionnet, Chair)

    States of Shame: Women, Affect, Transnationalisms

  • Robert J. Hudson

    Associate Professor Brigham Young University Provo, UT
    (2008, Jean-Claude Carron, Chair)

    The Petrarchian Lyrical Imperative: An Anthropology of the Sonnet in Renaissance France, 1536-1552

  • Elizabeth Vitanza

    Department Head Marlborough School for Girls Los Angeles, CA
    (2007, Eric Gans, Chair)

    Rewriting the Rules of the Game: Jean Renoir in America, 1941-1947

  • Julie Van Dam

    Associate Professor University of Southern California Los Angeles, CA
    (2007, Françoise Lionnet and Dominic Thomas, Co-Chairs)

    Critical Conditions: Refiguring Bodies of Illness and Disability in Francophone African and Caribbean Women's Writing

  • Amy Marczewski Carnes

    Associate Director of Education University of Southern California Los Angeles, CA
    (2007, Françoise Lionnet and Dominic Thomas, Co-Chairs)

    Remembering Together: Francophone African Literature's Reimagining of the Rwandan Genocide

  • Marie-Laure Hinton

    Professor Long Beach City College Long Beach, CA
    (2007, Eric Gans, Chair)

    Émile Zola Photographe

  • Lauren Brown

    Non-Tenure Track Associate Professor Occidental College Los Angeles, CA
    (2007, Françoise Lionnet, Chair)

    Reading resistance on the plantation: Writing new strategies in Francophone Caribbean fiction

  • Zara Bennett

    Special Projects Coordinator People for Parks Los Angeles, CA
    (2007, Françoise Lionnet, Chair)

    From Emancipation to Commemoration: Abolition's Affective Legacy in France and the Antilles

  • Nadège Veldwachter

    Associate Professor Purdue University West Lafayette, IN
    (2005, Françoise Lionnet, Chair)

    Politiques littéraires : Jeux de miroir, paratexted et traductions du discours antillais en France et aux États-Unis

  • Bendi Benson Schrambach

    Professor Whitworth University Spokane, WA
    (2005, Jean-Claude Carron and Andrea Loselle, Co-Chairs)

    Storytelling transformations: Narrative, rhetoric and community within Marguerite de Navarre's “L'Heptaméron” and Charles Baudelaire's “Le Spleen de Paris”

  • Vera Klekovkina

    Professor University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Stevens Point, WI
    (2005, Andrea Loselle, Chair)

    Projecting Proust: “A la Recherche du temps perdu” and its cinematic adaptations

  • Edwin Hill

    Associate Professor University of Southern California Los Angeles, CA
    (2005, Françoise Lionnet, Chair)

    Black Soundscapes White Stages: The Meaning of Sound in the Black Francophone Atlantic

  • Loli Tsan

    Assistant Professor SUNY Oneonta Oneonta, NY
    (2004, Edward Tuttle, Chair)

    Fragmentation et écriture du manque au Moyen Âge

  • Alison Rice

    Associate Professor University of Notre Dame Notre Dame, IN
    (2003, Françoise Lionnet, Chair)

    Time Signatures: Contextualizing Contemporary Francophone Autobiographical Writing from the Maghreb

  • Heather Howard

    Lecturer Stanford University Stanford, CA
    (2003, Malina Stefanovska and Stephen Werner, Co-Chairs)

    Diderot and the image of the reader: From “L'Eloge de Richardson” to “La Religieuse”

  • Soheila Kian Shayeg

    Lecturer University of California, Irvine Irvine, CA
    (2002, Patrick Coleman and Françoise Lionnet, Co-Chairs)

    La traversée des frontières: Écritures et transgressions D'Assia Djebar et de Leila Sebbar

  • Vanessa Arnaud

    Lecturer Sacramento State Sacramento, CA
    (2001, Sara Melzer, Chair)

    Gossip as a social force in seventeenth -century French culture

  • Diane Kelley

    Professor University of Puget Sound Tacoma, WA
    (1998, Patrick Coleman, Chair)

    Narrative strategies of seduction and subversion in the "nouvelles" of Lafayette, Bernard and Tencin

  • Guy Bennett

    Professor Otis College of Art and Design Los Angeles, CA
    (1998, Shusi Kao, Chair)

    A study in avant-garde experimentalism: The poetic theory and praxis of the futurist, cubo-futurist, Dada, and surrealist groups

  • Antoinette Sol

    Professor, Vice Provost University of Texas, Arlington Arlington, TX
    (1996, Stephen Werner, Chair)

    Textual promiscuities: Marie-Jeanne Riccoboni, Frances Burney and Choderlos de Laclos

  • Sarah Davies Cordova

    Professor University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Milwaukee, WI
    (1993, Sarah Leigh Foster and Hassan El Nouty, Co-Chairs)

    Poetics of dance: Narrative designs from Stael to Maupassant

  • Carol A. Hofmann

    Associate Professor University of Southern California Los Angeles, CA
    (1986, Eric Gans, Chair)

    Forgetting in Film and Fiction by Marguerite Duras (Psychoanalytic, Mourning, Repetition-Compulsion, France)