UCLA Ranks Among Top Institutions for Awarding the Most Ph.D.s in Arts, Humanities

Published: June 15, 2017

UCLA is one of the top universities in the country for producing the most Ph.D.s in the arts and humanities. According to an April 2017 report from the Chronicle of Higher Education, UCLA and NYU tied for No. 1 in the nation for awarding the most Ph.D.s in these fields, based on 2014-15 statistics.

This year, 105 UCLA scholars received Ph.D.s from the School of the Arts and Architecture, the Humanities Division of the UCLA College, the Herb Alpert School of Music and the School of Theater, Film and Television.

“We are extremely proud of each doctoral cohort that advances through UCLA’s humanities division,” said Dean David Schaberg. “Our newly minted Ph.D.s leave their mark on this institution by virtue of their curiosity about the world, its cultures and its inhabitants, as well as through their earnest exploration of the myriad ways humans affect, enlighten and inspire one another. The creative research, writing and teaching our students have done while at UCLA will inform the study and practice of students to come and will make a difference in every personal and professional endeavor our graduates embark upon after leaving this campus.”

Among this year’s new UCLA Ph.D. recipients is Adelaide Kuehn from the department of French and Francophone studies.

“I came to UCLA to work with several exceptional scholars of francophone literature, namely professor Dominic Thomas and professor Lia Brozgal,” she said. “I also appreciated the opportunity to teach undergraduate courses and receive training in language pedagogy with professor Kimberly Jansma.”

Kuehn’s dissertation examines the ways artists, filmmakers and authors from Cameroon, the Republic of Congo and the Democratic Republic of Congo represent themselves and their art, and the influence of their work within a contemporary, global network of the arts in Africa. She has already accepted a position at the California Alliance for Arts Education, a nonprofit organization that advocates for high quality arts education for students in all California public schools.

Full UCLA Newsroom article can be found here: http://newsroom.ucla.edu/stories/stories-20170615-2634960.