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Undergraduate Research Center – Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences Scholarships and Research Programs

The Undergraduate Research Center for the Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences serves all students in humanities, arts, social science, and behavioral science disciplines. We invite you to explore our website or drop by our office (A334 Murphy Hall) to find out more about our programs and services. We look forward to meeting you!

For more information, visit:

Contact: Murphy A334 | | 310-825-2935

Humanities Residential College

The Humanities Residential College (HRC) is a vibrant learning community that brings students and faculty together in small, informal gatherings to explore how the humanities shape our world and our thinking. Residents of the HRC are given unique access to academic counseling services, opportunities to participate in special writing and career workshops, and are provided with behind-the-scenes access to select museums and cultural events.

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Scholarship Resource Center

The UCLA Scholarship Resource Center (SRC) was established at UCLA in 1996 to provide scholarship information, resources, and support services to all UCLA students, regardless of financial aid eligibility. Although we primarily assist UCLA’s undergraduate students, we offer resources for graduate students as well. All of our services are provided at no charge.

Powell Undergraduate Research Week

All undergraduate students are encouraged to apply to present their research as a poster in the Powell Undergraduate Research Week poster sessions. The week features student presentations, research workshops, panels, receptions, and student research awards. For more information, please visit the UCLA Undergraduate Research Education website.

Francophone Resources

At UCLA, French language students have access to the latest technology in language laboratories and audio-visual facilities. The Instructional Media Laboratory (270 Powell Library, 206-1211) offers video and CD- ROM resources. Individual booths are available for students to watch video and laser disc recordings. The Foreign Language Laboratory (270 Powell Library, 206-1211) has audio resources for language instruction regularly used by the Department to support its teaching. The Instructional Media Library (46 Powell Library, 825-0755) and the Department of French and Francophone Studies have acquired a number of video programs for use in language and conversation classes. Interactive computer systems are also available for individualized supplemental instruction.

Multi-media and computer-equipped labs are administered by the Humanities Computing Facility (206-1414). There are terminals in the Department which can access library catalogs and French textual databases. Please see the UCLA Library Guide to French Studies.

Research Resources

Students may also access several libraries and research centers, please see the below links for more information.