French Language Program

The Department’s French language program incorporates the latest proven techniques for developing communications skills. The high performance of our students owes much to the fact that teaching is conducted entirely in French. Videos and computers enrich classroom instruction. The first-year program provides a solid foundation in French and prepares students to actively use the language on a basic level. The second-year program introduces culture, literature and film while continuing to refine language skills.

The first and second-year language programs are coordinated by lecturers specializing and experienced in the teaching of French as a second language. French 1 through 3 (elementary level) and French 4 through 6 (intermediate level) are multiple-section courses supervised by Dr. Kimberly Jansma. They are offered every quarter. The sections are taught by lecturers as well as teaching assistants. The latter are selected from among the Department’s best graduate students and are professionally trained and supervised.

Beyond the first two years of language acquisition, additional courses are offered which emphasize areas of linguistic proficiency such as conversational skills, diction, phonetics, advanced grammar, and practical translation.